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What’s New at VanMars Drilling


VanMars Drilling is now BCCSA COR Certified.

After a lengthy process, VanMars Drilling worked with consultant Magga Safety Consulting Inc. to meet the BCCSA COR Certification requirements. VanMars will maintain the high standards of HSE implementation required to achieve the COR level of safety recognition.


Our new Fraste ML2 is hard at work

Our new Fraste ML2 conducting some auger work locally. With a 10-foot tooling stroke, it makes quick work of auger and odex jobs.


Premier Sponsor at the 8th Annual SABCS Conference and Workshop

VanMars is proud to be a premier sponsor of the 8th Annual Science Advisory Board for Contaminated Sites Conference and Workshop.  Company president Ross Holmes will be in attendance and looks forward to learning more about the future of contaminated site management and remediation.


VanMars is a Gold Sponsor for the UBC Georox Alumni & Industry Dinner.

VanMars was in attendance as a Gold Sponsor at the 2017 UBC Georox Alumni & Industry Dinner.  It was great to see some familiar faces and give back to an amazing program and faculty.  We will see everyone there again next year!


AMS PowerProbe added to the fleet!!

VanMars has added direct push sampling to its capabilities with the addition of an AMS PowerProbe.  Our new AMS rig has all the capabilities of our M5T with the added functionality of direct push sampling and mess-free well installations.  Too good to be true? Nope.


New to The Team!!!

Ross Holmes, P.Eng. is joining the VanMars team as a co-owner and company president.   Ross is a registered professional engineer in the province of British Columbia and has managed drilling projects for operating mines, mineral exploration, geotechnical hazard assessments, run-of-river hydroelectric, wind farms, highway infrastructure, bridges, soil and rock slope stabilization, dike design and construction, land development feasibility studies, municipal infrastructure, and various commercial and residential clients.  Mr. Holmes will be the internal project manager for all of VanMars large drilling projects.


VanMars Is Growing…M5T Anyone!?

VanMars welcomes our Marl M5T. A full-sized drill with the versatility of a limited access drill, At 5 feet wide with split tower capable of drilling under 11.5 foot overhangs, lets you drill where you want, and how deep you want. Look to the M5T to complete your challenging drill projects.


VanMars Welcomes Hydra52

Engineered and built locally, standing at 82′ tall and 36′  wide, this drill packs a punch. A custom drill head (2000 ft.lbs rotational torque) with a bore through design for air rotary in the most limited access areas. Capable of disconnecting from the power pack and running indoors without need for exhaust, downstairs elevator shafts, bringing a true drill where no one has ventured before. Look to the Hydra52 and VanMars to get the job done.